The First Advent of Jesus was an extraordinary event in human history.  While the good news was clearly intended for all people, the shepherds received a personal invitation to see the Redeemer. The Angel startled the shepherds and told them not to be afraid!


Let’s not forget that the message received by the shepherds as good tidings is for us as well. In a world of increasing sorrow and uncertainty, we need the assurance of God's redeeming love for fallen humanity. Recently, the world celebrated Christmas, but, how many celebrated Christ? How could they if they did not know Him?


We believe that the Second Advent of our Lord is near and it will be an unimaginably extraordinary event! Like the shepherds, all who find Christ will spread that great joy to others, and that includes South Asians! LLBN South Asia is one of many ministries that God is using to spread His love. During 2013, the Lord blessed LLBN SA as it made changes to increase program production and improve the online viewing for South Asians 

around the world.  We are grateful for our volunteers and ministry partners that support this ministry. We are pleased to report that some ministries are relaying our programs without any additional cost to us!


As we face another New Year, we do so in confidence that the Lord is in control of our lives and His work. LLBN South Asia has many opportunities to expand its ministry, but we cannot do it alone. We need your support and also your prayers.


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Wish you a Blessed New Year!


In His Service,


Wesley James, Volunteer/Director

LLBN South Asia /


“One Gospel. Many Languages.”